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Koo Schadler Table Easel

I've spent my career as an egg tempera painter, and in that time I’ve learned what table easel works best for me. Guided by my preferences, my husband Jeff built a table easel that meets my needs as a tempera painter. He is now producing these easels on a limited basis, for sale to fellow painters.

The easel top is made from ¾” birch plywood and measures 14” high by 20” wide. At the bottom is a narrow 5/16” deep shelf - just wide enough to support a ¼” hardboard panel, but not so wide to encumber hand movements. The pine base supporting the top can be adjusted to four different settings; the easel can lie flat, or at 50°, 65°, or 75° angles. The easel arrives unfinished, which is how I have left mine (accumulating layers of tempera paint create a colorful finish of their own!) However you could readily finish it on your own if you prefer.

Easel Specifications

  • Constructed from birch plywood and pine
  • 14” high by 20” wide
  • 1 ¾” deep when laid flat
  • Weight: 4 lbs, 14 ounces.
  • Adjustable to four angles: flat, 50°, 65°, and 75 °

Price: $120.00 (includes all shipping & handling costs)

Shipping: Fedex 5 day ground

Koo Schadler Table Easel = $120.00*

* Easels are available for shipping WITHIN THE US ONLY. For easel orders to Canada, Mexico and abroad, please contact Koo Schadler.

2. Or mail a check, or money order to:

Attn: Table Easel Order
Koo Schadler
562 Alstead Center Road
Alstead, NH 03602

Egg Tempera Painting Book by Koo Schadler

A comprehensive guide to painting in egg tempera for both the beginning and advanced egg tempera artist. Read more about the book here.

Dear readers,

As I continue to add more information and pages, the book's weight and postage have gone up. Hence the unfortunate but necessary price increase.

1. Order with a credit card through PayPal by clicking on the button for where you need the order shipped. All prices include shipping and taxes:

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A. Send Egg Tempera Painting to a U.S. address = $33.00

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B. Send Egg Tempera Painting to a Canadian address = $37.00

C. Send Egg Tempera Painting to an overseas address = $45.00

Additional Resources for Egg Tempera Supplies

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Easel - front
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Egg Tempera Painting by Koo Schadler


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