Koo's New Hampshire Studio Workshops


"It has been less than a month since your excellent introduction to egg tempera painting, and I want to thank you for the best workshop I’ve ever taken. I really appreciated your individualized approach to instruction. I learned more about painting in that one week than in all of art school."


I love to teach and welcome students to my New Hampshire studio.

All workshops are open to all levels of painters. For more information on workshop logistics, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

2020 Workshops at Koo's NH Studio

IMPORTANT: All 2020 workshops at Koo's studio have been cancelled due to COVID-19. Students in Koo's classes come from all over the world, work in close proximity with one another, and share many communal supplies. For these reasons, until either a vaccine or cure is found for the virus it's unlikely Koo will teach in a classroom setting. She looks forward to offering workshops again at some point, in the hopefully not-too-distant future.

In the meantime, here are a few options to study with Koo:

  1. Obtain an online consultation or critique of your work with Koo. Learn more >
  2. Enroll in Koo's online class, Egg Tempera The Luminous Medium. Koo taught this online workshop in 2020 and it was very successful. For more information, see 2021 teaching schedule, on the workshops page.
  3. Purchase Koo's Comprehensive Book on Egg Tempera Painting.
  4. You can also follow Koo's work on her Instagram Site. Koo posts images of work in progress and shares some of her working methods.

All teaching opportunities and workshops are open to all levels of painters.

NOTE: This schedule is for Koo’s NH studio workshops only. Visit my Workshops Page for other locations.



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