Egg Tempera Painting Book

" of the most concise and useful books on the art of egg tempera painting... should be on the bookshelf of every serious artist."

"I can't tell you how wonderful your manual is. I'm in the process of re-reading and highlighting passages as I write this... I found your writing to be exceptionally easy to read and helpful with respect to clarifying many of the issues which remained unclear to me about tempera technique. You seemed to have anticipated most of the questions I would ask and have answered them. The wealth of resource information you offer is incredible."

"I've read many writings on egg tempera over the years, and yours is not only complete, but is simple and direct so that I believe the greenest beginner in this medium could learn from it."

"Your book is beautifully presented, addresses the most important issues of ground and painting, and is just wonderful... it is precisely the guidance I have sought."

"...a treasure trove of wonderful egg tempera information."

"The best book on tempera I've found so far."

"I wanted to thank you for your fabulous book! It is simply wonderful, it was easy to follow but left nothing out, answering all the questions I was so desperately looking for... I couldn't put it down!"
Egg Tempera Painting by Koo Schadler

Book CoverA comprehensive guide to painting in egg tempera for both the beginning and advanced egg tempera artist. Self published by the author; black and white, spiral bound, 170 pages. The book includes:

  • A detailed description of how to make true gesso panels from scratch
  • A variety of ways in which to work in egg tempera - using brushes, sponges, glazing, scumbling, and more
  • A description of painting a portrait in egg tempera
  • An updated and expanded chapter on how to finish an egg tempera painting, including oil painting over tempera and varnishing
  • Many appendices, including six new ones added in 2015

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction: What is Egg Tempera Painting?
  2. History of Egg Tempera Painting
  3. Materials for Egg Tempera
  4. Gesso (including Recipe, Instructions, Problems and Solutions)
  5. Painting with Egg Tempera
  6. Painting a Portrait in Egg Tempera
  7. Finishing an Egg Tempera Painting
  8. Appendices
    I: Pigment Characteristics
    II: Particulars of My Palette
    III - Suggested Pallettes and Prices
    IV: Brushes
    V: Tempera Grassa
    VI: Tempering
    VII: Lifting, Digging Holes, Making Repairs
    VIII: Egg Tempera Painting Chart
    IX: Egg Tempera Misconceptions
    X: Luminosity
    XI: Toxicity 
    XII: The Transition from Oil to Tempera
    XIII: Applying Cloth to a Panel
    XIV: Applying Gold Leaf Lines over Tempera
    XV: Basic Gilding
    XVI: Impasto Paint and Egg Tempera
    XVII: Aluminum Panels
    XVIII: Material Sources and Suppliers
    XIX: Recommended Reading
    XX: Other Resources
    XXI: Koo Schadler Workshops
  9. List of Paintings
  10. About the Author

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